Things to Consider When Choosing a Traditional Conservatory

Traditional conservatories are a beautiful addition to any home and can provide hours of enjoyment during summer and winter. However, there are some things you need to consider when choosing your style and make sure that you take into account the following:

How many bedrooms the room needs to have Wooden Conservatories? Every room in the house will require different sized conservatories, so if you have a spacious house with an old traditional conservatory it will need a bigger conservatory, but if you only have one bedroom it might be suitable for a smaller conservatory. It all depends on what you want and where you plan to put it. Your neighbour’s houses, or other features of the house, might also affect the size of your conservatory.

Is the room large enough for your standard conservatory? If the room is small for your standard conservatory, it could mean that you should consider installing a double-hung conservatory as this conservatory is able to easily fit into the small room. However, this is not the only factor that will decide if you should go for a double-hung conservatory or a single-hung.

Will you be using modern methods of heating and cooling or traditional methods Traditional Conservatories? If your conservatory is intended to have its own independent heating and cooling system then a single-hung conservatory would be perfect but if you intend to use modern heating and cooling systems then a double-hung conservatory may be a better option.

Will the window sizes you need to choose from be suitable for your room? The window sizes you need to choose from can greatly affect the cost of the conservatory and so you need to think about whether you can fit a window in the window space available.

How much daylight will your conservatory receive? Some conservatories have windows that are able to shade out the rest of the room, which can make them particularly poor at insulating. Other conservatories don’t need to shade the rest of the room because they can be efficiently insulated.

How many lights will you need? This will determine how much heat your conservatory will allow through. Modern conservatories, which use solar power, are able to produce their own energy and don’t need heating, whilst older traditional conservatories still need a heating system.

Storage capacity. Traditional conservatories will always have less storage capacity than modern conservatories, although a good quality double-hung conservatory will probably have twice the storage as a single-hung conservatory.

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